CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack (4 in 1)

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CyberPi is designed for teaching and learning AI & IoT and Python with more high-performance yet easy-to-use features. It's small, but features a full-color display, multiple input devices, an independently-developed CyberOS system, much larger storage and an assortment of modules and sensors. Working with mBlock, CyberPi brings Python to classrooms and allows users to teach and learn AI & IoT easily, from the very beginning to advanced. CyberPi is perfect for technological innovations, coding education and other educational purposes, bringing more fun to teaching and learning.

The CyberPi Classroom Coding kit contains 4 CyberPi, which makes it ideal to work with a group of students. The CyberPis can be connected to the computers thanks to the 4 type-C USB cables included in the kit, so students can directly work on their Computer Science projects.



  • Onboard advanced technology Dig deep into AIoT teaching
    1. 1.44'' full-color display brings data science into classrooms and makes learning outcomes visible;
    2. Onboard microphone and speaker enable basic natural language processing and unveil the secrets behind human-computer interaction;
    3. Built-in Wi-Fi module facilitates IoT- based and LAN-based innovations and applications that are closely related to our life;
    4. Create motion-controlled games to fuel creativity and fun in the classroom.

  • Turn teaching and learning Python into a fun thing
    1. Interaction between hardware and stage enables people to teach or learn Python with more thrills;
    2. Teach and learn Python, which is a leap toward AI age;
    3. Python made easier for almost any learners and creators.

  • Powerful Expandable Unlimited
    1. Intended for beginners, making Python easier for learners and creators;
    2. Greater expansion capabilities make creation unlimited.

    • Including 4 CyberPi devices and multiple USB cables,specifically designed for teaching computer science and Python in classrooms


    • 4xCyberpi

    • 4xQuick Start guide

    • 4x Type-C cables