Edu Hub Professional Account 1 Year- 1 Teacher 35 Students allowed

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DJI Education has launched the DJI Education Hub––a powerful solution for empowering practical learning in tech innovation, by integrating with DJI’s robotic offerings and providing comprehensive tools that support a wide range of teaching scenarios.

Professional Version - For schools, education institutions Ideal for large-group teaching environments, such as hobbyist courses, robotics clubs, and regular classes. This version supports managing accounts for students and teachers through the Admin Portal.

In addition to Advanced version: - DJI Robotics Simulator - Intro to Artificial Intelligence Courses - Vision Identification - Intro to Artificial Intelligence Courses - Precision Control Class Functions (Teacher) - Create and edit classes - View and export student lists - Class Functions (Student) Automatically granted professional version functions and simulator modules by joining the class created by the teacher under professional version - Admin Portal - Professional version license management - Teacher permission settings - Student progress report data - Advanced Course Resources (4 Sets)