Tale-Bot Pro Education Edition

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Creating your own interactive stories through coding; Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro is an entry-level learning robot set for kids aged 3-5. Leveled up with the innovative technology and with a wide range of cross-curricular Interactive maps, kids can learn basic coding concepts, and manipulate a robot to develop stories in a smart manner. Through the game-based play, kids can improve skills of free speaking, and storytelling, while their social-emotional skills, four C's of 21st century skills and computational thinking skills are exercised.


  • 100% Screen-free
  • Teaches Commands, Sequences, Loops
  • Smart interactive technology with instant voice feedback
  • Ability to record for imaginative storytelling
  • Multiple accessories for new abilities and new looks
  • Supports drawing and dancing through coding
  • Intuitive to track coding process and do debugging