xTool P2 Conveyor Feeder

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Smarter and faster than ever before, the xTool Automatic Conveyer Feeder allows you to unlock your creative vision with over a hundred materials. Upgrade your xTool laser engraving devices with this smart automatic feeder!


Product Infomation Automatic Conveyor Feeder for xTool P2
Applicable to  xTool P2
Package Size 30.2''×10.1''×9.1'' (769×255×230mm)
Product Size 27.1''×7.8''×5.3'' (687×200×135mm)
Product Weight 8.045kg
Max. speed 160mm/s
Work Area
Maximum Processing Area 118''×19.6'' (3000mm×500mm)
Maximum Material Width 24.5'' (624mm)
Minimum Material Width 2.5'' (65mm)
Maximum Material Thickness 0.55'' (14mm)