Cue Starter Pack + Curriculum

Cue Starter Pack + Curriculum

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Try out 3 of our award-winning Cue robots, designed for 6-8th grade. This value bundle includes Sketch Kit accessories and materials for programmable robot art ideas, student notebooks filled with projects from our Applied Robotics Curriculum, and our Applied Robotics Curriculum Guide. This pack includes:

  • 3 Cue robots, onyx color
  • 2 Sketch Kits
  • 1 whiteboard sketch mat
  • 1 whiteboard eraser
  • 1 marker refill kits
  • 1 Gripper Building Kit
  • Digital access to Unit 1 (Creative Writing) Notebooks
  • Digital access to Unit 2 (Game Design) Notebooks
  • Digital access to Unit 3 (Innovation) Notebooks
  • 1 Cue Applied Robotics Curriculum Guide Online lesson plans and Curriculum Guide (can be found here).
  • Educator access to our Cue Everything Curriculum Bundle lessons (Lifetime Access)

Note: mats ship separately.

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