AI Vision Kit for VinciBot

AI Vision Kit for VinciBot

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  • Rich preset AI functions to support to experience a variety of AI application scenarios (Human face/ cat face detection, Colour line following, Colour recognition and colour block detection, AprilTag detection, (0-9) handwriting recognition, Built-in model recognition: Animals/ Vegetables/ Grocery/ Traffic sign/ Stationery)
  • Supports one-click data collection and training to complete customized face recognition and colour recognition

Experience AI

Human face/ cat face recognition, (0-9) handwriting recognition, AprilTag recognition and color recognition

Experience the pre-trained model

Experience the pre-trained image machine learning model

Creative projects with VinciBot

Good friend VinciBot: 

When a face is detected, VinciBot says hello and laughs.

VinciBot knows numbers: 

VinciBot recognizes the number, then displays and reads it on the screen.

Pet dog VinciBot: 

When a red object is detected, VinciBot barks and then runs after the red object.

VinciBot following the line: 

When VinciBot recognizes a certain color, it tracks the color to complete the line following task.

Training models and applications

Life assistant VinciBot: 

VinciBot chooses different foods according to the shopping list. When an item that needs to be purchased is recognized, a smiley face is displayed on the screen and laughter is emitted; when an item that does not need to be purchased is recognized, an alarm sounds.       

Animal caretaker VinciBot: 

Set up 4 routes for VinciBot to transport animals to the Panda House, Giraffe Park, etc. When VinciBot recognizes different animals at the zoo gate, it will send them to the corresponding location.

Driver VinciBot: 

When VinciBot recognizes different traffic signs, it takes corresponding actions. Realize self-driving based on image recognition.