Airblock Power Modules - Counterclockwise (Red Propeller)

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 Functions: Airblock power module


    • Propeller colour: Red
    • Foot Pad colour: Black 
    • LED colour: Green
    • Motor: Hollow-cup Motor, counterclockwise rotation
    • Corresponding position to main control module: 1, 3, 5
    • Net Weight:12g(0.42oz)
    • Product Dimension:88.5*80.5*44mm(3.5*3.2*1.7inch)
    • Package Dimension:122*122*42mm(4.8*4.8*1.65inch)


    • Please refer to the User Manual to install the modules to the right position.
    • High-speed rotating propellers may cause injury during running.
    • The temperature of the motor may increase when the machine is running. Please do not touch the motor case directly.