Codey Rocky Classroom Bundle

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The pack is an ideal solution to large-class lectures on robot programming. One kit contains six sets of Codey Rocky, allowing up to 12 students to learn coding at the same time.

This Classroom Bundle includes:

  • 6 Codey Rockys
  • 6 Bluetooth Dongles
  • Codey Rocky Everything Curriculum Bundle Access
  • Storage Container 

Codey Rocky is a capable teaching assistant in all teaching scenarios. It's easy to assemble, allowing students to focus on the more important thing: turning ideas into reality with code 6 x Bluetooth Dongles The Bluetooth dongle is a BT4.0 (low power consumption) interface converter for Bluetooth devices that is designed mainly for short-distance wireless data transmission. The dongle can pair with Codey Rocky with built-in Bluetooth modules, which offers users a smoother wireless experience.

Codey Rocky Everything Curriculum Bundle Access to Learn to Code and Code to Learn Cross Curricular lessons!