Dash 6 Pack (1 Teacher and 12 students, 1 year Class Connect)

Dash 6 Pack (1 Teacher and 12 students, 1 year Class Connect)

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Outfit your K-5 classroom for small-group STEAM learning with the award-winning Dash robot. Now each Dash includes a 1-adult/2 kid license to Class Connect, so two students can maintain their own progress through the puzzles and activities inside of Blockly, even if they share a device. At this special price, we've bundled six (6) Dash robots, connector accessories, and Class Connect for 12 months.

This pack includes:

x6 Dash Robots (plus charging cables)
x12 Building Brick Connectors
(x6) 1-teacher/2-student licenses to Class Connect (12 months)
What’s included in the 12-month Class Connect subscription?

Class Connect

Dash’s Neighborhood, our virtual Dash robot for 1:1 coding in a rich 3D environment (iPads or Chromebooks).
6 2-student accounts so kids can share devices while preserving their own code as they work through puzzles and activities
60 standards-aligned Math activities
Progress tracking and classroom management for up to 6 teachers
Cross Curricular Lesson Library

Premium lessons, filterable by subject and grade-level
Online Course

Enrollment for up to 6 teachers in our online professional development mini-course, “Getting Started with Dash & Dot”

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