Dash Wonder Pack 12-Pack

Dash Wonder Pack 12-Pack

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This Bundle includes all the hardware and software you need to bring coding to life for kids in grades K-5!

This pack puts the A back in STEAM by including Sketch Kit, the harness and marker which turn the award-winning Dash Robot into a drawing machine. Also included are a Launcher, the Gripper Building Kit, a pair of Building Brick Connectors - the perfect way to get the full suite of accessories! Also included is a 1-year, 2-student license to Class Connect.

The Class Connect platform ensures that students have an extensive supply of lessons, activities, and puzzles to complete inside Blockly, to learn important coding skills and apply them to real-world, story-based challenges.

Hardware included:

1 - Dash robot x 12

1 - Sketch Kit x 12

1 - Launcher x 12

1 - Gripper Building Kit x 12 

2 - Building Brick Connectors x 12

Access to the Provincially Aligned Dash Curriculum Bundle

Software Included: A 1-year subscription to our Class Connect platform which includes: 2 accounts so a pair of students can share a device while preserving their own progress as they work through puzzles and activities in Blockly* Progress tracking and management of the 2-kid accounts Our Virtual Dash robot for 2 kids to use inside of Blockly.

Kids program Dash onscreen in a rich 3D environment (for iOS 13+ devices and Chrome on the web)

  • Access to Coding Pathways, our new, multimedia coding lessons aligned to code.org’s levels D-F. Kids watch instructional videos and complete coding activities based on the lessons.
  • 72 Digital Learn to Code Challenge Cards from the Challenge Card Box Set, assignable inside of Class Connect, accessible by students in their Blockly app, for use with the physical Dash Robot.
  • 60 standards-aligned Math activities for grades 3-5, assignable inside of Class Connect, accessible to students in their Blockly app for use with the Virtual Dash or a physical Dash Robot.
  • Access to a collection of premium, cross-curricular lessons, filterable by subject and grade-level
  • Access to our online course, “Getting Started with Dash & Dot”

    *In a classroom setting, you may need to upgrade your Class Connect subscription to a Teacher Success Pack, which includes a license for 1 Teacher and 35 students. 2-student licenses cannot be combined.