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Dot is the brains of a robot. While he is stationary, unlike his counterpart Dash, Dot comes with several games built in! Using the free apps Wonder and Blockly, you can see how these games are created, and make over a hundred more of your own games. The apps include puzzles to guide you through - no books or camps required. Dot gives your students the power to create gadgets and games, while delving into the world of robotics.

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There's a Dot app available for every age group, learning level and play style.

Dot Apps

Wonder (ages 8+)
With the Wonder app, Dot becomes the brains behind the play. This app uses picture based language built just for kids, and serves as an incredible introduction to programming and computational thinking. Kids can easily turn Dot into a lively alarm-bot, blinking nightlight, or a funny fitness device. Dot can be any gadget or game a kid can imagine.

Blockly (ages 8+)
Playing with Dot?s lights, sensors, accelerometer and sounds, Blockly introduces advanced concepts of coding through playful projects and puzzles. Turn Dot into a ticking time-bot, or use Dot as a robot remote control for sending Dash on adventures.

Built to Inspire

Give Dot new abilities with Wonder Workshop's ever-growing family of snap-on accessories.

Bunny Ears - Hop around the room!
Building Brick Connectors - Snap on LEGO? blocks to transform Dot into anything.
Tow Hook - Bring a friend for a ride or just hang around.