Grey Resin

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Why Choose Grey Resin?

Grey Resin V5 is a versatile 3D printing resin formulated to leverage the new Form 4 ecosystem, offering an optimal balance of fast print speed, high accuracy, presentation-ready appearance, strong mechanical properties, and an easy, reliable workflow.

Highest Dimensional Accuracy

Achieve precise tolerances with xy dimensional tolerances of ±0.15% (lower limit: ±0.02 mm)

Superior Aesthetics

Rival the appearance of injection-molded parts with rich, matte color and crisp fine feature performance.

Versatile Mechanical Properties

Create parts with the optimal balance of strength, toughness, and stiffness for a wide range of applications.

Extremely Low-Odor Printing

Print with ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for a pleasant and comfortable user experience.