Matatalab Coding Set Classroom Bundle

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Let kids develop the necessary cognitive abilities and learn coding skills from a young age. Kids can use their imagination to create infinite possibilities using coding blocks, by controlling a robot car through coding algorithms. Kids receive instant feedback, and quickly learn that coding is simple. No need for a screen, a keyboard or literacy. Kids will program a robot, create music and art!

The Matatalab Classroom Pack includes:

  • 6 MatataBot Robot
  • 6 Command Towers
  • 3 Music Add-on
  • 3 Artist Add-on 
  • 2 Bluetooth Paring 
  • 6 warm-up cards
  • more than 400 Coding Blocks!

Curriculum Included:

  • Provincially aligned Everything Curriculum Bundle (1 Year) - Matatalab Coding