Matata Studio Coding Set

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Looking for a hands-on and comprehensive way to introduce your child to the world of coding? Look no further than our robot car specifically designed for kids between the ages of 4-9. Our robot offers a fun and interactive way to develop cognitive skills and coding knowledge, all through the use of coding blocks.

With infinite possibilities and the ability to learn creativity and exploration through music and drawing, the robot provides instant feedback and teaches kids that coding is easy. Best of all, there's no screen necessary! Kids can build their knowledge of coding and logic with their own hands.

The intuitive symbol design uses directional language and requires no literacy, while gamification makes learning through play simple and engaging. Our robot even comes packaged with challenge booklets that make learning from easy to advanced in just three easy steps. And with the ability to use Lego components, your child can create their own coding adventures and limitless fun. Start their coding journey today with our robot set!

 What's included ?

  • 37 Coding Blocks
  • MatataBot
  • The control tower and robot are rechargeable.
  • Bluetooth Pairing
  • Recommend for 4–9-year-old kids.
  • Get interested in coding!

How to Play?

By combining multiple tangible Coding Blocks, kids contorl a robot car through coding algorithms to complete a challenge.