Matatalab Pro Set

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The Reddot design award-winning Matatalab set is a new hands-on coding robot for kids aged 4-9. Kids use their imagination to create infinite possibilities using coding blocks, by controlling a robot car through coding algorithms. Kids receive instant feedback, and quickly learn that coding is simple. Starting young and equipped with the understanding of fundamental concepts, kids at a later age will be able to grasp more abstract concepts of real programming at school and can learn without fear.

The Matatalab pro set Pack includes:

  • MatataBot
  • Command Tower 
  • Music Add-on 
  • Artist Add-on 
  • Bluetooth Pairing 
  • 6 warm-up cards 
  • 99 coding blocks!

How to play? 

 By combining multiple tangible Coding Blocks, kids control a robot car through coding algorithms to complete a challenge. Music and Artist coding block expansions are included to unlock more possibilities.

 Recommended age 4-9