AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack

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• What is AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack?

AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack comes with 31 mBuild's electronic modules and 10 accessories packs. With this pack, students can learn Artificial Intelligence (AI), apply the technology to everyday life, and complete engaging projects by using sensors and visual programming. The modules are programmable in both block-based and Python languages. A wide range of coding blocks are available for users to create different projects. Online help, Python API, hardware guides and sample projects can stimulate students' curiosity and imagination and develop their understanding of AI.

Note: The pack includes no mainboard. It must work with HaloCode, Cyberpi or mBuild-compatible electronic modules.


• Includes 31 mBuild electronic modules and comes with Smart Camera module that teachers can rely on to introduce AI into classrooms.
• Compatible for different scenarios:Makerspace, Computer Science Class, Robot After School Club, Robot Competition.

• Programmable in block-based and Python languages, supporting AI education and application (Google Cloud) with mBlock.

• Include commonly-used electronic modules, accessories and tools used in example projects.