Me 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor

Me 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor

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The Me 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor is an ideal module for motion and posture detection of robot. It includes a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis angular velocity sensor, and a motion processor, and provides I2C port for communication. It can be applied on the self-balancing cart, 4-axis aircraft, robot, and mobile devices. It has the advantage of high-dynamic measurement range and low current consumption. Its white ID means that it’s in I2C communication mode and should be connected to the port with white ID on Makeblock Orion

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: 5V DC
  • Signal mode: I²C communication
  • Module size: 51 x 24 x 18 mm (L x W x H)

Functional characteristics

  • White area of module is the reference area to contact metal beams
  • Digital output of 6-axis or 9-axis synthetical operation data of such formats as rotation matrix, quaternion, and Euler angle
  • 3-axis angular velocity sensor controlled measurement range: ±250, ±500, ±1000, ±2000°/s (dps)
  • 3-axis accelerometer controlled measurement range: ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, and ±16g
  • Digital Motion Processing (DMP) engine is provided to reduce the load of complex motion integration, sensor synchronization, and posture detection
  • Eliminate the axial sensitivity between accelerometer and gyro; reduce the influence of settings and drifting of sensor
  • Embedded calibration algorithm of operation time deviation and magnetic force sensor
  • Anti-reverse protection – connecting the power supply inversely will not damage IC
  • Support mBlock GUI programming, and applicable to users of all ages
  • Adopt RJ25 port for easy connection
  • Provide pin-type of port to support most development boards including Arduino series