Phidget - Classroom Bundle

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Give your students tools, not toys! Phidgets are real-world sensors that make STEM education fun and practical.

The Phidget Classroom Bundle has everything you need to get your classroom up and running. 

Grades 6+


  • 12 Phidget Getting Started Kits (including 12 temperature/humidity sensors)
  • 12 interactive sensors, including:
    • Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Magnetometers
    • Distance sensors
    • Light sensors
    • Sound sensors
    • Thumbsticks
    • Sliders
  • All required cables and accessories

This bundle was made with STEM educators in mind. Use the included kits and sensors to collect and analyze real data, create interactive video games, explore code in multiple languages and more!

Programming Languages

  • Desktop-based programming: Python, Java, C#, Swift
  • Browser-based programming: MakeCode (block-based, JavaScript/Python), Scratch (block-based)

Device Compatibility 

Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi (and other Linux distributions), Chromebooks, Android

  • iPhones and iPads are not supported at this time