Phidget - Plant Kit

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*Note: This kit requires the Phidget Getting Started Kit or the Phidget - Classroom Bundle.

If you have already purchased a Phidget Getting Started kit, you do not need an additional one for this kit. 


Give your students tools, not toys! Phidgets are real-world sensors that make STEM education fun and practical.

With the Phidget Plant Kit, students can create a smart watering system for their plants.

Grades 6+



The Phidget Scale Kit includes the following:

  • Moisture Phidget
  • Light Phidget
  • DC Power Source 5V Phidget
  • Submersible pump 
  • All required cables and accessories

Use the Moisture Phidget to collect moisture data from your plant’s soil. When your plant needs to be watered, use your DC Power Source 5V Phidget to power your pump. Finally, use your Light Phidget to monitor the light your plant its receiving.

Programming Languages:

  • Desktop-based programming: Python, Java, C#, Swift
  • Browser-based programming: MakeCode (block-based, JavaScript/Python), Scratch (block-based)

Device Compatibility: 

Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi (and other Linux distributions), Chromebooks, Android

  • iPhones and iPads are not supported at this time