Phidget - Rover Kit

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*Note: This kit requires the Phidget Getting Started Kit or the Phidget - Classroom Bundle.
If you have already purchased a Phidget Getting Started kit, you do not need an additional one for this kit.  

Give your students tools, not toys! Phidgets are real-world sensors that make STEM education fun and practical.

The Phidget Rover Kit introduces students to the world of robotics. This modular rover can be programmed with Python, Java, C#, or Swift. After you are done, take the components off the rover and use them in a completely different project! 

Grades 9+


The Phidget Rover Kit includes the following:

  • Wireless VINT Hub Phidget
  • 2x DC Motor Phidget
  • Sonar Phidget
  • Thumbstick Phidget
  • Rover Chassis (preassembled)
  • Battery and Charger
  • WiFi USB Adapter
  • All required cables and accessories

Programming Languages:

  • Desktop-based programming: Python, Java, C#, Swift

Device Compatibility: 

Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi (and other Linux distributions)

  • iPhones and iPads are not supported at this time