Phidget - Graphic LCD Phidget

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*Note: This kit requires the Phidget Getting Started Kit or the Phidget - Classroom Bundle.

If you have already purchased a Phidget Getting Started kit, you do not need an additional one for this kit. 


Give your students tools, not toys! Phidgets are real-world sensors that make STEM education fun and practical.

The Graphic LCD Phidget allows you to display text and simple images on a screen that is 128 pixels wide and 64 pixels tall. This is great for adding a display element to Phidget projects that use a Raspberry Pi. 



  • Graphic LCD Phidget
  • 60cm Phidget cable


Programming Languages:

  • Desktop-based programming: Python, Java, C#, Swift
  • Browser-based programming: Not supported


Device Compatibility: 

Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi (and other Linux distributions)