Slide Plate

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What Is Slider Plate?

Slider Plate can be connected with Slider Beam2424 -752 to build a high-precision linear motion structure (see demo). It comes with various screws and mounting holes, allowing you to connect on other structures easily.



• Rollers made from nylon material and comes with bearing: high intensity, high wear resistance but light-weight;

• The plate made from nylon and 20% glass fiber: high intensity, good rigidity but light-weight;


SKU 86062
Product Name Slide Plate
Net Weight 33g (1.16oz)
Package Content (Quantity x Part Name)

1 x Plate (Size: 50 x 42 x 6mm)

4 x Rollers (Size: 9.2 x 14.5 x 6.4mm)

4 x Aluminum Sleeve (Size: 4 x 6 x 4mm )

4 x Screw M4*14

12 x Nut M4



Have you ever imagined that you can also DIY your own camera slider? Yes, you saw it right! You just need several beams, a stepper motor, a MegaPi to build the main part, then a synchronous belt, and now your camera slider is done. As you see, the camera is fixed on the camera slider to take photos of the scene in front of it. Wow, it is so cool, isn't it?