xTool Smoke Purifier 110V V2

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Specs Table header 1
Machine size 425mmx250mmx410mm
Weight 15.7kg
Input Voltage 110V / 220V
Power 150W
Sound Level 55dB
  • 3-Layer Filtration & 99.97% Smoke Removal Rate: with pre-filter, extended HEPA filter and premium activated carbon, xTool smoke purifier will perform efficiently with up to 99.97% air purification rate (Note: a pre-filter replacement is included)
  • Foam Seal Design: there's exclusive foam attaching onto the lid of smoke purifier, which is a great help in preventing smoke from leaking out, enhancing air purification effect
  • User-friendly Workmanship: air vents on both sides of the fume extractor will perform better in ventilation and air dispersion. You can also move it around easily with handles and wheels on it
  • Whisper Quiet Air Purifier: with no more than 55dB* noise rate, it ensures a quiet working environment